MaGeek - a part-time specialist

To accompany you more closely, our MaGeek service puts a subject specialist at your disposal in roles such as IT Manager, Project Manager, Analyst/Programmer or Consultant. You set the frequency and duration of visits according to your needs and your budget. We define together the role and responsibilities, calendar, success factors and critical deliverables to establish a detailed specification of requirements.

Born in England, I have lived in Ariège since 2003 but have been in France much longer; I moved for the first time at the age of ten in 1980 and am therefore completely bilingual. I studied mechanical engineering but have made my career in IT with over twenty years experience. I started as programmer, then analyst/programmer, project manager, IT manager and technical director. I have worked for companies in sales, manufacturing, healthcare, transport, finance and education, both in IT services and in the end-user organisation. I am capable of contributing as much on the technical level as management, acting either alone, in a team or as a leader, in both French and English.

Here's a (non-exhaustive) list of skills and technological knowledge:

Operating System: Microsoft Windows / Windows Server / MS-DOS / Ubuntu / OS/400,
Virtualisation: VirtualBox / Amazon Web Services / Virtual PC / VMware,
Databases: Microsoft SQL Server / mySQL / SqlLite / dBaseIV,
Programming: Microsoft Visual Studio / Visual Basic 6 / Visual Basic .Net / C# / ASP.Net / ASP / PHP / VBscript / ActionScript / Javascript / Cobol / GAP / RPG / Adobe Flex,
Web: HTTP / HTTPS / IIS / Apache / CSS / DHTML / HTML / XML / Ajax / DOM / RSS,
Platforms: Intel i386 i686 / AMD / PowerPC / AS/400 / RISC,
Graphics: Photoshop / Gimp,
Office: Word / Excel / Powerpoint / Access / Publisher / Outlook / Open Office,
Browsers: Internet Explorer / Firefox / Google Chrome / Opera / Opera Mini / Apple Safari,
Antivirus: Norton / McAfee / F-Prot / AVG / Avast! / BitDefender / Kapersky,
Email: POP / IMAP / SMTP / Outlook / Outlook Express / Thunderbird / Evolution,
Networks: TCP/IP / VoIP / workgroup / Samba / QoS,
Video: DIVX / AVI / WMV / FLV / VirtualDub

Please contact us for more information on the MaGeek service and my CV.


4 plans are available:

PlanAvailabilityMonthly Cost
MaGeek 1½ day per month180 €
MaGeek 21 day per month330 €
MaGeek 31 day per fortnight710 €
MaGeek 41 day per week1400 €

The MaGeek Plan is separate from the Privilege Plan; both may be subscribed by the client simultaneously.

Travel is included in the price on the assumption that the time is used in one go - you may, for example, use the MaGeek 2 Plan to cover two half days in a month, but the second call-out would be charged for.

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TVA non-applicable, art 293B du CGI


United Rouch
Project Manager, Year 2000 readiness for AS/400 system - 3 months.
Data Manager, migrating from AS/400 to Unix - 1 month.
System Manager, maintain customer loyalty programme system - 18 months.
Marlborough Management Group
Analyst/programmer, SpecIT™ - 6 months.