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donfi.com calendar Our simple but effective personal calendar allows you to plan your time. It operates just like a traditional wall calendar, with a box for each day that you can write in. You can set up certain key terms for highlighting, such as family names, which helps to keep the calendar uncluttered and readable.
Our personal calendar was written in PHP and uses a MySQL database to store information.
Licence: free for both for commercial and personal use.

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Web Site Manager (WSM.net)
donfi.com web site manager Customers who have purchased the self-service web site package can log into their account using our own Web Site Manager known as WSM.net. From there, the entire web site can be modified and added to using a straight-forward template-based user interface.

This is the same software we use for web site development!

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On-Line Support
We provide on-line support using a screen-sharing application called TeamViewer. When you have been told to do so, click the link below to download and run the software, then let us know the session ID and password to allow us to connect to your computer and start finding out what the problem is.

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