Custom Software

We design and create both single- and multi-user software using Visual Basic or VB.NET, or as intra/extranet applications delivered through a web browser. Data processing, filesystem and document management, contact / sales / stock / etc. management. We also act as system integrator, assembling a tailored solution from open source or fee-paying elements, according to your needs and priorities. Our work is usually undertaken on a fixed-fee basis, so you take delivery of a well adapted solution at a reasonable and known price.


Long years of experience have taught us that the most critical factor in the creation of custom software is not time, price or technological choices, but the thought process and the written statement of requirements from the client. That's why the first step in any project is the analysis and written specification.

We offer this service to evaluate your requirements on a flat-fee basis and deliver a statement of requirements (which you own) and a costed quotation. You are then free to choose who will actually do the work, but should you choose us, the cost of the evaluation will be reimbursed.

The varied nature of works means it is not possible to give figures here, however all our quotes work on a flat-fee basis - even if the work takes longer than expected, you will not be asked to pay extra.

Statement of requirements:50 €90 €

TVA non-applicable, art 293B du CGI

Work on your custom or bespoke software may be deducted from your Privilege Plan.


Collects and analyses customer requirements from business software applications. Makes a short-list recommendation from a database of 2,150+ solutions. Developed for MMG.
Benefit offered to IBM PartnerWorld members by Distinctively Honey (UK) Ltd. Manages sales teams, collects data and reports activity, customer portal, etc. (Director)
Membership, event, communication, web and associated management functions aimed at schools & sports clubs. (Director)
A sophisticated and reliable construction kit, Director allows trained users to create a solution to any web-based software requirement. Compatible with SQL Server and MySQL.
A combination of company information, ideas and instructions and on-line sales. Includes stock management, associate collaboration, key account portal, etc. (Director)
Create and manage templated web sites easily. This is the system we use internally to deliver all the web sites on this references page!
SCM Director
Collaboration platform for associates around the world. Sharing of information on sales leads, projects, etc. for the sale and implementation of strategic software systems. (Director)