Technical Support & Maintenance

Resolving connectivity problems (Internet and ADSL), PC configuration, diagnostic and repair of all types of problem on your hardware, network, productivity software, Windows operating system, etc. We offer an on-site service within a local radius, workshop repairs and a remote service via connectivity software.
We can intervene following a failure or problem, or according to an established calendar for preventative checks.

IT has become ubiquitous throughout pretty much every business activity. Just ask yourself the question "could I operate without IT and, if so, for how long?". The majority of business users will answer that of course it is possible to work without the IT system for a short period, but that its absence will be rapidly felt resulting in a drop in productivity, communication difficulties and ultimately a shutting down of the business activity.

One maintains a car, a computer system is no different - your business needs a safety net in case of problems and also a proactive plan to protect and ensure the full function of one's work tools. This applies equally well to the software systems as to the hardware and extends beyond reacting to problems to include preventative measures.


Pre-Pay Plan

For our customers with a lesser IT usage and dependency, we offer a monthly payment plan which helps against nasty surprises and keeps your maintenance budget under control. You choose the amount to pay each month (12.50 € minimum). Each monthly payment is valid for a year. When you call upon us, the amount already paid (and still valid) is deducted from the bill which will also benefit from a 10% reduction on the standard price.

This plan is only available to sole-traders and the self-employed with less than 3 employees.

Privilege Plan

The difference is that we act as a partner in your business in it for the long term. We offer an original payment plan similar to that used by mobile telephone companies. The advantages of the Privilege Plan include:

  • by the minute billing
  • carry over unused minutes to the following month(1)
  • per minute cost reduces with volume
  • priority access to our services and technicians
  • quality guarantee
  • for an annual commitment, the first month is free!
(1) for up to two months
PlanMinutes on-siteMonthly Cost
Privilege 66050 €
Privilege 1212090 €
Privilege 24240160 €

You may top-up your account at the same unit rate as your monthly subscription plan, in 30 minute bands.

Workshop-based repairs are 33% cheaper than on-site; one minute on-site is worth one and a half minutes in the workshop.

The first call-out of the month is included.

Without Subscription

Where1st hour(1)additional ½ hour(1)
On-site(2)60 €20 €
Workshop45 €20 €
(1) time intervals are indivisible.   (2) call-out charge included in the price.

Without Subscription

We can intervene on a one-off basis for customers without a subscription - see table above:

TVA non-applicable, art 293B du CGI


Here's a list of some of the clients who have called upon us recently: