Welcome to donfi.com, where you will find information on our services in the fields of repairs & maintenance of your IT assets, design and development of internet web sites and of bespoke software and systems, of IT strategy consulting, and our unique MaGeek part-time specialist offering.

For business

As a business, you have different needs from a domestic IT user - your IT is a work tool, and data is sensitive and potentially critical to your activity - we understand that very well, which is why our services are designed exclusively with the business user in mind - be they self-employed, small or medium businesses, or public services.

Your business needs ...

• a partner to undertake the maintenance and repair of your IT assets?
• a bilingual project manager, IT manager, or analyst/programmer on a part time basis?
• a review, redesign or new creation of your web site?
• a bespoke or custom software system to facilitate or automate a specific task?
• an audit and/or consultancy service in technology strategy?

Why donfi.com?

Much more than a point solution, we aim to become a strategic partner in the success of your business. We therefore offer a large palette of services from the emergency fix to scheduled preventive maintenance on site, allied to a pricing model which allows you to manage your budget without compromising on priority access to our services, via a simple and powerful account management system.

We invite you to browse our web site to discover how our rigour, expertise and customer-focus will transform your perception of IT within your business ...

... from cost centre profit centre!